KOKOnista Of The Day: Oluwa Damisola Takes Tomboy Style To A Whole New Level

Our KOKOnista of the day, Oluwa Damisola is a new generation A-list fashionista with a deep interest in menswear and tomboy outfits. Dami is also establishing her fashion personality as a force to reckon with via her Youtube page.
Damisola’s style takes the general tomboy view to a whole new level. She took it from a stage of simple guy-like looks, to a level that commanded the attention of numerous fashionistas in various continents on earth.
Style for Dami, is all about bringing the best combination out of easy to pair outfits and the subtle ones too. Her brand name, Damishley, is on a fast lane toward international prominence in the fashion industry.

Photo Credit: Damishley

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