KOKOnista Of The Day: Mercy Layo Glows Gorgeously When It Comes To Fashion And Style

Our KOKOnista of the day, Mercy Layo, is a fashion and style blogger, stylist, model, writer and an A-list fashion aficionado. She is a uniquely creative person with a distinct taste in the world of fashion. Mercy’s adventurous journeys to different cities in the world has positively influenced her style to produce a personality that seamlessly blend into any fashion genre while making a bold fashion statement for others to follow.

Mercy’s style is all encompassing. A picture of her in a bespoke suite will easily convince you that she is a purely corporate person. But another picture of this radiant fashionista in a 3-piece outfit will assure you that her gorgeousness is not limited to the corporate world.

Photo Credit: Mercy Layo

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