KOKOnista Of The Day: The Naturally Fierce Sharon Ashley Nwosu

Today’s KOKOnista is the fiery natural hair blogger Sharon Ashley Nwosu who has academic experience in Aeronautical Engineering. After living a life of much difficulty finding a hairstylist who was patient enough to deal with her “stubborn” hair, Sharon began her natural hair journey over 3 years ago. She describes her hair as lacking any curl definition with low porosity, thick and doesn’t absorb oil efficiently.
But it’s not all negative though. Sharon’s hair is enviously bouncy even when she wears it as a ‘fro. She is an ardent member of the “Braids gang”. She is of the belief that it so much easier to maintain your hair care regimen when you have braids; and they are low maintenance.Sharon keeps her hair regimen plain and simple but swears by the efficiency of Castor oil. According to her, “It really works wonders”. Her typical wash day before or after a protective style usually starts off with a pre-poo treatment using coconut oil. She always washes her hair in sections using shampoo then she does the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse to remove any build-up.She follows this up by deep conditioning with her home-made deep conditioner. After rinsing it out, she applies leave-in conditioner, Shea butter and castor oil; finger detangle and use a wide-tooth comb ONLY if needed. She’d then braid her hair in sections and let it air dry, avoiding the use of a blow dryer.
Photo Credit: Sharon Ashley Nwosu

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