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KOKO Weddings: Make Your Court Wedding Extra-Special In 4 Easy Steps

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Court Weddings are trending and every week we get to see different couples take their first step towards forever. One thing you can easily note though is that most brides tend to tone down their styles for a court wedding; a simple dress, simple makeup, simple photography and most minus the bouquet. We also believe in simple stated elegance for your wedding day, but there is a thin line between going simple and not making an effort to still stand out. Though we don’t expect you to go to your court wedding in a white dress with extra-long trails, there are simple steps you can take to look fabulous and at the end of the day have a wonderful ceremony with stunning pictures to show for it. Here are three very important things to note as a bride who will be having a court wedding
Lets Talk Flowers: Like we mentioned earlier, in a bid to attain simplicity, some brides forgo their bouquet and that is a no no. No wedding is complete without the flowers. Though you are going have just a few people with you, you still have to look your best and look like ‘THE’ bride. Imagine standing amongst your female guests without the bouquet, any one could pass as the bride. Your must-haves are a bouquet (for you) and boutonniere (for him) and you are good to go.
A Good Photographer Is A Must: Pictures they say speak a thousand words. They even say things you don’t want them to, so you have to be extra selective with your wedding photographer. Long after your wedding has been done, your photographs should beautifully tell the story of such an important day in your life. A courtroom might not have all the “chuppa and glamour” of a big ceremony, but the photos captured during the nuptials should be about you and your groom, and the moment, not the walls behind you or the random furniture just lying around. 
Please Wear A Killer Dress: Now here is where more brides get it wrong. Getting married in a courthouse doesn’t excuse you from looking as gorgeous as possible. The idea is you want to look simple but at the same time grab attention. The best way to do this is by looking for that statement-making dress with a fabulous fit. Style your hair with lovely accessories and get a glam makeup look to match, this ensures you enjoy every last drop of bliss that comes with your wedding day.
Do Ask For Help: Ask your most congenial friend to get there early and play hostess for the day. Since you can’t be in three places at once, a host or hostess is a great way to ensure someone is at the location to make your guests feel welcome and know they’re in the right place while you are in the ceremony or doing other things. Your guests will likely be in a waiting area for a bit, so the hostess’s job will be to smile and make friendly introductions, keeping the energy high and joyous. With all these in place you can feel every inch the bride that you are.
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