Thursday, October 28, 2021

KOKO Weddings: 5 Things To Do To Have A Perfect Ramadan Wedding

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Our feature today is dedicated to all our muslim brides-to-be and since its the month of Ramadan, lets start with a Ramadan Mubarak! Today our topic of discussion is quite unconventional as many don’t even consider it a possibility and its none other than a Ramadan Wedding. Although weddings in Ramadan are not common there is nothing in Islam that forbids getting married during this time.
In fact, you can pretty much get married on any day of the year unless it is forbidden in the mazhab (school) that one follows. Although the issues are more cultural, the most obvious issue is the fact that one cannot eat or drink from dawn to dusk. Along with that, married couples have to refrain from consummating their union during the same hours. Asides the fact that your ceremony will have to be done in the evening, there is nothing wrong with getting married in Ramadan.

In case you could not squeeze in a pre-Ramadan wedding and don’t want to wait for a post-Ramadan wedding, here are 5 tips to plan your Ramadan wedding.
Have The Nikah Just Before Iftar: Like we said earlier, serving your guests meals is one of the major things to consider if you are planning a Ramadan wedding. Having your Nikah just before Iftar will ensure that the ceremony moves along smoothly and Iftar isn’t disrupted as well.

Have Your Nikah At The Mosque: This will make logistics a lot easier for you as well and asides that, your Nikah enjoys the blessings of being held in a holy place.
Carry your Intended Guests Along: Ensure you notify your guests of your wedding date if you have not sent your invitations yet, particularly if you have friends and family members attending your wedding from abroad. They need to make travel plans while its less stressful.

Do Your Shopping Ahead Of Ramadan: As the month of Ramadan can be a busy one for many for different reasons, make sure you have all your bridal needs taken care of ahead of time. 
Stay Healthy: It might be tasking to remain fit during a period when your eating pattern changes,so plan ahead as well. Start a fitness routine or consult a dietician if you wish to lose weight before your wedding or just maintain your current weight. You want your wedding dress to fit well!
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