Saturday, September 25, 2021

KOKO Weddings: 5 Hot Tips To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Dream Come True

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Weddings generally have that awe-inspiring factor to them, its difficult to maintain a downcast mood when two people are promising each other forever. Add the outdoors to it and you have the perfect atmosphere for a joyous celebration. Having your wedding outdoors can be very amazing but like every good thing, it requires some patience and good planning. There are so many things to think (and worry) about, from the weather to the bathroom situation, it’s a lot to take on! If you’re thinking of getting married al fresco, here are a few ideas to keep things running smoothly.
Prepare For The Weather: This is by far the most important point to note as an ill-timed rain is enough to ruin all your plans. Consider the prevalent weather situation and plan accordingly. Make provision for sturdy umbrellas and other necessities that may be required.

Make Your Guests Comfortable: Make your guests’ comfort top priority by making sure your site is well-equipped with things like fans, outdoor heating units, refreshing non-alcoholic drinks e.t.c. Nail down a plan for buying or renting the things your venue doesn’t offer as early as possible.
Plan Your Photography: Talk to your photographer about where the sun will be during your ceremony so you can plan the ceremony and seating arrangements accordingly. You don’t want to realise the morning of that you’re going to be hidden in shadows or squinting into the sun in your photos.
Windproof Decor: If wind is a possibility (and it is most places), double check that all your decor can withstand a very strong breeze. 
Prepare For Sound: Make sure everyone will be able to hear you! No one wants to strain to hear your vows or the toasts. Depending on how open and/or busy your space is, you may need to hire someone to set up audio equipment.
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