Sunday, October 17, 2021

KOKO Quotes: Why Wait When You Can Be The Difference Today

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Moses is a popular religious hero for a number of reasons, one of which is his ability to make a difference and stand within the gap between the Israelites he was leading and whatever they were confronting – be it an angry God, a raging sea or a legion of armies. This made him so much loved that when he died, he was officially mourned for 30 days. Because, let’s face it…we all love a Moses in our lives.A Moses is the one who can be the sounding board for all our complaints and then go one step further to correct whatever is distressing us. We don’t like the way someone treats us? Our Moses talks to the someone and puts them straight. We are angry at the massive pothole in our neighbourhood, so we complain to our Moses to fix it. Economic conditions are apathetic but we believe it is the job of the Moses to fix it. We are losing a battle but we always look for a Moses to keep his hands outstretched towards the sun to turn the tide in our favour.Different people occupy the Moses role in our lives all at the same time. Parents, siblings, spouses, friends, employer and our favourite scapegoat the government all play this role simultaneously, switching places under the spotlight conveniently at the right time. But it’s a futile effort. Right until the Israelites believed they were actually capable of confronting the seemingly insurmountable challenges, they wandered about aimlessly for 40 years.And wandering around without purpose is what most of mankind is doing right now. We need to overcome fear and unbelief to take challenges by the horn and tackle them. It is unbelievably common sense. We can’t all be passionate about the same things at the same time and if we each focus on providing the difference in areas we are not satisfied it, our individual efforts would yield compound interest and the collective results would make the world a better place at a faster pace. Mahatma Gandhi must have been up to something when he said:
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”Photo Credit: Getty

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