Saturday, October 16, 2021

KOKO Quotes: Never Stop Facing The Light

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Have you ever seen shadows forming in front of the object? In all my wise years on earth, I have never. It appears at the back or at the sides with slight angle to the back. And nature has been known to be filled with life lessons which can be mimicked in our daily lives. So what lesson can we learn from this?Answer: Always face the source of light. If you want to drop negative habits and lifestyle, focus solely on the source of light. Focus on the good habits and lifestyles in your life. If you want to leave negative friends and people behind, your best strategy is to focus on the source of light. Focus on the positive friends and influences in your life.But you also need to realise that the sun is never “still”. So you might need to keep switching and changing in order to keep facing the light. Facing today the same position which was the source of light yesterday might now be tantamount to staring into pitch black darkness. Walt Whitman said it perfectly when he said:
“Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.”Photo Credit: Getty

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