Wednesday, October 20, 2021

KOKO Quotes: A Little Bit Of Love, A Little Bit Of Truth

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Everyone wants a bit of love. Nobody wants to be lied to. We all value honesty. And with good reason. Life has been wired to be balanced with both. We can’t argue against the merit of both until we are partial only towards one.Religion and morality keeps preaching love….the smash single by Ricki-Lee “All We Need Is Love” is one of the greatest hits of all time…and boy, does it feel good to be in love! But love without truth softens life too much, not able to stand up to the tests of life and crumbling or cowering at the first sign of adversity. A child that is nurtured only with love without the somewhat cold taste of truth grows up to be a weakling.Truth is life. Civilisation is held up by truth. Humanity is driven forward by truth. These statements are the…well, truth according to the elders of this world. Existence is purportedly sustained by the preservation of justice but hard truth is given the prefix hard for a reason. Hit it with a man with it enough times and he becomes so numb after sometime, he stops responding to it again. The only way it can be soft enough to be comfy is if it is mixed with love.So love freely. Love recklessly. Love without inhibitions. But also tell the truth equally as you love freely. Don’t inhibit the truth just as you should never with love. Let the lovely ltrue words of John Stott always ring in your hearts:
“Love without truth is too soft, truth without love is too hard”Photo Credit: Getty

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