Wednesday, October 20, 2021

KOKO Quotes: Changing Attitudes For The Better

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In life, there are times when we meet dead ends. The World doesn’t work the way we want, not always! We either have the choice of poaching about the situation, let it get to us to bother us and do nothing about it; or we have the power and belief to turn the wind in the right direction, by making right choices and decisions, by working towards changing the situation which makes us unhappy, sad and unsatisfied.This quote by Famous Advocate, Maya Angelou truly holds the power to change many lives. Its meaning is far deep and profound as the essence of a happy, successful life was beautifully portrayed with it. In the journey of life, there will be numerous times when you will feel defeated or dejected. Never allow the situation to get the better of you. Instead change the way to look at it from a different angle, a different perspective and that will certainly help you get through it, if not change it.Life is beautiful and we must learn the art of enjoying it. It is a fact that no journey is complete with its fair share of ups and downs and same is true for each and every one of our journey. Wisdom and beauty lie in learning to accept the things which we can’t change and have the courage to change the things that we don’t like. That makes this journey worthwhile.
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