Tuesday, October 19, 2021

KOKO Knows: Wristwatches Were Never Meant To Be Worn By Men

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The first wristwatches were intended for women while men were using the pocket watch. The first ever wristwatch was made for Elizabeth I of England in 1571. Modern wristwatches didn’t become popular and used by men until during the First World War. For the first time in history, men (soldiers) wore watches around their wrists which allowed them more freedom of movement. Glancing at your wrist was a much easier way to keep track of time than pausing to pull out a pocket square out of our pockets. And probably the difference needed to escape a restless tank.On a sidenote, watches, when displayed in shops, are often pre-set to show the time at ten minutes past ten o’clock or sometimes ten minutes to two o’clock (“Happy Time”). When displayed at that time the hands on the watch face resemble a smiley face. This helps to subconsciously raise the customer’s mood, which subliminally encourages them to make a purchase.Photo Credit: Getty

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