Wednesday, October 20, 2021

KOKO Knows: The World’s Longest Song Is Currently Playing And Won’t End Until Year 2640

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The longest musical performance in history is currently taking place in the church of St. Burchardi in Halberstadt, Germany. The performance of John Cage’s ASLSP (As Slow As Possible) started on Sept. 5, 2001, and is set to finish in 2640 (in 623 years). The last time the note changed was October 2013; the next change isn’t due until 2020.It was originally a piece for piano lasting just 20 minutes and entitled ASLSP (As Slow As Possible), but the concert organisers decided to take the American composer John Cage quite literally. To get an idea how much of a big deal changing the note of a key, excruciatingly watch below for the song reached its 11th sound change (Spoiler: Now you won’t take for granted the rollercoaster changing of notes by Davido et al.)

By the time the song has ended:
83,200,000,000 babies would have been born
Your great-grandchild would the the great-grandparent of a great-grandparent
You could have travelled back and forth between Nigeria and China 279,882 times.Photo Credit: Getty

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