Saturday, September 25, 2021

KOKO Knows: There Is Something Fishy About Lipsticks

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If you ever take a selfie after your bomb-ass makeup and you feel that your pout in the photo looks like one of the fishes’ in the animation Shark’s Tale, that might be because you’ve got some fish smeared over your lips. Lipsticks are made out of fish scales!Lipsticks contain a ingredient called “pearl essence”, a silvery substance is literally found in fish scales. They are important to lipstick manufacturers due to the shimmer effect it creates. Although they can now be produced synthetically, most cosmetic companies still primarily source theirs from fishes. If you want to know if your makeup contains it, check the ingredients list for guanine, the name by which this crystalline substance made from fish scales is typically listed.So guys, next time you smell something fishy while trying to kiss your beau, do not fret. It might just be the lipstick.Photo Credit: Getty

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