Friday, July 1, 2022

KOKO Knows: Your Parents Might Be To Blame For Your Bad Driving

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Yeah, you read right. Bad driving may be hereditary! So the next time you see a motorist obliviously riving in between two lanes, don’t fault bad driving, but genetics. In a study published recently in the journal Cerebral Cortex, approximately 30% of drivers may have a specific gene which reduces the production of a special protein associated with memory, thus causing them to make more errors on the road.The study involved only 29 individuals, however, 22 without the so-called bad-driving gene and seven with it. The participants drove 15 laps on a simulator that required them to learn the nuances of a track with difficult curves and turns. The researchers measured how well participants stayed on course. The drivers repeated the simulator test four days later. Participants with this particular gene performed 20 percent worse on the simulation test compared with those without the gene variant. Similar results were found in the follow-up test.So next time someone swears at you on the road for your bad driving, simply pick up your phone, call home and rant at your parents!Photo Credit: Getty

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