Monday, October 25, 2021

KOKO Knows: Your Earphones Control The Activities Of Your Heart

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We all know that what plays through the speakers control our mood. Listening to Davido’s “If” while window shopping with our mate can lead to unplanned expenses whereas Beyonce’s tracks leaves us undoubtedly believing that black women are the only and real deal. Well according to scientists, way beyond being partly responsible for mood swings, the type of music you listen to dictates the change in your heartbeat.Researchers from Pavia University, Italy, in a study concluded that music with quicker tempos made people breathe faster which increased their heart rate and blood pressure. Whereas, on the contrary, slow and soft music brought opposite results. It lowered the heart rate and blood pressure.So when next you believe your blood pressure is getting a bit high, whip out your earphones, plug them in and let the soulful voice of Sade Add do what a pack of Thiazide diuretics would otherwise do. And if you want to be pumped enough for the confrontation you are about to have, how about a dosage of Terry G with some wee bit of Green Day?Photo Credit: Getty

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