KOKO Junior: Tacha’s ‘Daughter’ Is An Adorable Beau

Since reality star Tacha shares pictures of her supposed daughter on social media, the space has been hot with a lot of enquiries, questions and gbas gbos from users.
She had, sometime ago, dismissed the assumptions of having a daughter when  the speculations arose. On Sunday, however, the entrepreneur  cleared the air about being a mother on Twitter, sharing a video of the baby strapped to her back.Before then, her Instagram followers, has engaged her with a series of questions as to whose daughter tye cutie is. She never gave a reply to any of them and this led to some trolling moments as a certain user keeps hammering on Tacha denying her daughter.
In the midst of all of these, we cannot help but notice the adorable baby girl who has turned a celebrity, garnering over 10 thousand followers on Instagram.
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As gathered, her name is Kim and her social media handles username is @thekeemso. Here are some of the adorable snaps we culled from her page.Tacha's Daughter Kim
Kim the adorable baby
Photo Credit: Instagram

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