Kinsey Wolanski: Pitch Invader Released By Police And Spanked On The Bum By Boyfriend Who Says ‘That Ass Is Famous’

Here’s is the moment stunning blonde streaker Kinsey Wolanski was released by police and then slapped on the bum by her boyfriend.

As she was walking away from the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid that held the Champions League final, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy spanks her behind before saying “that ass is famous now”.

And he doesn’t mess around as he grabs a chunk of flesh from his missus.

The Reds were leading after just two minutes thanks to Mo Salah’s penalty, but the biggest cheer came after 20 minutes, when the woman ran on to the field.

A clip of her night under the lights has been uploaded to her Instagram page just hours after the daring entrance.

Security soon ushered the stunning blonde off the field, and the fun stopped, and play was resumed. It is not known how she found her way through security, although she clearly has a swift sidestep.

But it has helped the 22-year-old amass another ONE MILLION followers to her Instagram page.

It is believed the streaker, whose name is Kinsey Wolanski, was promoting a YouTube prank channel VitalyzdTv – with an advert on her swimsuit.

The X-rated porn website vows “wild pranks, t*** and a**, no rules.”

Wolanski’s Instagram is filled with glamour shots of her enjoying herself in sunny destinations.

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