Kinsey Wolanski: Liverpool Players Have Been Sending Me Flirty Messages

Champions League pitch invader, Kinsey Wolanski, has revealed that some football player have been sending her flirty social media messages following her infamous stunt.

The model says she has received flirty messages from several of the Liverpool players but has not responded.

She claims: ‘I’m not revealing any names, but a couple of the Liverpool players did send me private flirty messages after I streaked the game.  One sent some heart emojis and the other one a message saying, ‘I saw you at the game’. I honestly didn’t even know who they were until I clicked on their profiles. I didn’t respond though as I already have a boyfriend.

‘Some people might question how Vitaly makes his money, but he is brilliant at what he does. His pranks are just meant as a bit of fun and he really is just the sweetest guy who I one day hope to marry.  He couldn’t be prouder of me.’

Vitaly Uncensored’s YouTube channel has 1.6billion views and posts popular x-rated pranks. The site and channel is run by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy better known by his YouTube name VitalyzdTv. He previously worked as a porn actor for the adult film studio Bang Bros in 2011.

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