Saturday, December 10, 2022

“Kids Don’t Come Out Of The V* With A Wallet Full Of Cash!” – Huddah Monroe Advises Women On Motherhood

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Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has come out to warn ladies against getting kids while still on the grind.

The petite socialite believes women are carrying too much load on their back by siring children they are not able to fend for.

Huddah Monroe

According to Huddah, first hustle then get your kids so that you can gracefully savor resources you have worked for without having to worry about what you will eat for the next meal.

“Don´t bring kids in this life if you have no capability of feeding them! Or giving them an education or healthcare!”

The Boss Chick questions women who are in a hurry to have children but aren’t able to provide for them materially and mentally. Additionally bashing ladies with the mentality that ‘kids are a blessing’ because what sense would it make to have children and see them struggle to survive?

“That stupid mentality of kids are a blessing needs to die out. Bless their environment first, then bring them. Kids don’t come out of the v* with a wallet full of cash!”

Huddah Monroe Flaunts Curvy Backside On The GramSadly, there are mothers who claim that motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to them, while on the contrary, their lives are just messed up.

“But you can see deep down they are depressed as f*! I don’t wanna be pregnant and still hustling and worried about my kid’s future… I want to raise my legs on top of the table and breastfeed my baby for 2yrs straight! Or until they get tired😂. I want to have all the time with my babies, teaching them what I know now. Not spending an hour with them then rushing out worried 24-7.”

The 27-year old lass said that she will only walk into motherhood, the minute she has ultimately secured her future and that of her kids, without having to worry.Photo Credit: Getty

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