We Had To Reassemble His Skeleton Before Giving Him A Dignified Burial – Ken Saro Wiwa’s Daughter Pen’s Heartfelt Tribute To Her Dad On His 25th Anniversary

Today makes it 25 years since human right activist Ken Saro Wiwa was killed and his daughter Noo Saro-Wiwa took to her facebook page to pen an heartfelt tribute to her late dad.

Noo in her tribute shared how her dad and 8 other people were killed after peacefully protesting against oil spillage in the ogoni area. She said Ken Saro Wiwa’s  remain were buried in an unmarked grave for almost a decade and when her family received his remains, they had to reassemble his skeleton so they can give him a befitting burial. Noo revealed that the Nigerian government has not granted him an official pardon. She said that Black lives will matter outside of Africa only when they matter in Africa itself.

Photo Credit: Getty

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