Friday, March 24, 2023

“This Why They Don’t Show Y’all The Food’ – Keke Palmer Lifts The Lid On The Food Served At #MetGala

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We rarely get a peek inside the Met Gala after the celebrities walk the carpet and enter the building. The Hollywood actor Keke Palmer gave us a first time inside view of what goes down inside the building and one thing that got our attention was the scandalous food served at the #MetGala, as the actress Keke is got people talking after posting on her Insta-story the food served at the event.
Keke Palmer

People have often wondered what goes on inside and Keke Palmer took it upon herself to show her followers exactly what it looks like from the inside.

The actress hosted a live stream of the Met Gala, giving her Instagram followers a chance to glimpse what happens outside and inside.
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While going into the building, she live-streamed the hallways with the art on display. She also shared a live stream of performances from different talents.

But what caught attention was the food. Keke took a photo of her food and threw shade at the meal they were served.

“This why they don’t show y’all the food,” she wrote before adding, “I’m playing now.”

But viewers did not think it’s a joke and many agreed with her that the food doesn’t look appealing.
Some have joked that Keke will probably never get invited to the Met Gala again for revealing too much.

Watch our trending video of the day below;

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