Unlike Bobrisky Ka3na Blasts Lady Who Tattooed Her Name On Her Body

Ex-BBNaija star and brand influencer, Ka3na, isn’t finding it funny nor sensible for a fan to tattoo the name of their favourite celebrity on their body. The reality TV star in a series of videos shared on her Insta-story berated fans who tattoo things about their favourite celebrities on their body. Ka3na Jones

The mother of one said it is wrong for fans to tattoo things about celebrities on their body because that tattoo is a personal thing. The outspoken fashionpreneur felt the urge to address this recent trend of fans who choose to tattoo things about the favourite celebrities on their body after a particular fan took to Instagram share some snaps and video of a tattoo of the ExBBNaija star’s name done on her thigh.

The reality TV star who didn’t find this funny nor smart at all, questioned the sanity behind it, she noted that tattoos are permanent and should be private. She even went on to call out other celebrities to stop indulging fans, and stop giving them money for doing such. An obviously irritated Ka3na said in her post;

”How can you do something like this to your own body?  Tattoo is permanent. If you love me and you are my fan, there are ways you can actually show that by always posting my pictures, always on my comment section, always attending my events, seeing me and taking pictures with me..Not tattoing my name on your body. This is wrong. Celebrities that encourage these fans need to stop.” she said

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