Justice! BrettKavanaugh.com Is Live Online And Full of Resource For Sexual Assault Survivors

“We Believe Survivors,” reads the bold text at the top of the website BrettKavanaugh.com.Following Brett M. Kavanaugh‘s tumultuous Senate confirmation amid sexual assault allegations from three women, the URL featuring the newly sworn-in Supreme Court associate justice now provides resources for sexual assault survivors. The website appears to have been purchased by the bipartisan nonprofit Fix the Court, which is devoted to holding the nation’s highest justices accountable. (Kavanaugh has denied all sexual assault allegations.) After criticizing Kavanaugh’s confirmation as “a victory for one interest group or another,” the group points to the silver lining behind these divisive past few weeks: There’s more of a national focus on sexual assault than ever before, especially on “how we as a country can and should do more to prevent it and to support those who have experienced it. This past month, thousands of survivors came forward to tell their stories. We applaud your bravery. We believe you.” The website also provides contact information for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, End Rape on Campus and the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.After weighing the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, the U.S. Senate voted Saturday to place him on the Supreme Court for a lifetime appointment. President Trump‘s second conservative nominee is expected to help shift legal decisions to the right, resulting in threatened protections involving abortion rights, healthcare, presidential power and gun control, among others. The confirmation came after hours of debate — and despite unprecedented opposition following Kavanaugh’s recent Senate testimony, which involved an angry screed and a wild conspiracy theory behind the sexual assault allegations. His first accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor from Palo Alto, California, also spoke in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. She recounted the story of how Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her when he was drunk at a party when they were both in high school. Her decision to come forward in the wake of the #MeToo movement cast the national spotlight once again on the sexual abuse of women, especially by men in power.Photo Credit: Getty

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