Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Jummah Fashion: Sabina Hannan Shows Us Why Jumu’ah (Friday) Is Special For All Muslimah

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Yeah! It’s another Friday, however to a Muslimah it’s more than just a Friday. It’s a day where all the Muslim men and women are expected to observe a special prayer which is the Jumu’ah prayer, leaving all business activities and every other thing when the call is proclaimed for the solat (prayer).To observe the Jumu’ah prayer, like the other Islamic prayers, Muslimaat (Muslim women) are to dress appropriately covering every part of the body except the hand and face which is voluntary.Jumu’ah prayer differs from the other prayers with the fact that the best of outfits are to be worn on that day. With this in mind, careful attention is to be paid in selecting the outfit for Jumu’ah day. This inspires the need to suggest some outfits that does not only show modesty but also keeps the fashion sense of a Muslimah (Muslim woman) intact. We have taken inspiration from muslimah fashionista Sabina Hannan for some ideas on how to style for Jumu’ah.

Photo Credit: Sabina Hanan

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