Jummah Fashion: 5 Ankara Styles To Rock With Your Hijab This Weekend

It’s another weekend and for the modest fashionistas we’ve brought five amazing ankara styles we can all rock with our hijab:
1. Finding the perfect outfit to go with our hijab could be tasking, however we can always opt for a jumpsuit ankara style.

2. We can also take modesty to the next level by dressing chicly and this brings out the fun in us.

3. A bell sleeve gown won’t be a bad idea, the modesty that comes with it is just something to love as it gives our hands the perfect covering.

4. It’ll also be a good idea to try something bright and free as this just adds to the modesty.

5. Missing a plain material to ankara dress is also a great idea since the variance brings more beauty than we can imagine.

Photo Credit: Getty


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