Joyce Meyer Reveals Why She Might Soon Get A Tattoo

Joyce Meyer, a popular American preacher, stunned the christian community few weeks ago in her sermon titled; “Holiness is not legalism”, when she claimed that shunning tattoos is an act of religiousness not true holiness.
In her 8-minute clip of the sermon which has since gone viral, Joyce claimed that several verses of the bible has been misquoted to keep Christians from enjoying the pleasures of having a tattoo on their body. She said: “I’m right on the verge of going and getting a tattoo,” (pointing to her shoulder blade and saying) “Right back here, ‘I belong to the Lord’…I thought I might as well just push all the religious people right off the cliff and just get it over with. Why would I do that (get a tattoo)? Just to make religious demons mad, no other reason.”

Photo Credit: Getty

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