JK Rowling’s New Transgender Book, ‘Troubled Blood’ Sparks Controversy Online

JK Rowling has sparked outrage from the LGTBQ community and its other communities on Twitter. The community started the Hashtag #RIPJkRowling to condemn the writer’s newest work. JK Rowling’s New Book, ‘Troubled Blood’ Sparks Controversy OnlineThe author of the Harry Potter series and other books who has been very vocal of her wariness about transgenderism has authored a new book ‘Troubled Blood’, which centres around a cis man who is a serial killer and dresses up like a woman to murder his victims. Many have tagged the content of the new book, slated for release later this week as transphobic.

Both fans and non-fans of JK Rowling took to Twitter to declare her “dead” making #RIPJKRowling the number one trending hashtag worldwide on the Twitter trending chart. JK Rowling has been accused of transphobia multiple times due to her stance on LGBTQ issues.
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