Monday, February 6, 2023

Jenny Sushe: Reporter To Take Legal Action Against Boxer Kubrat Pulev Over Live Post-Fight Kiss

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Jenny Sushe, the sports reporter who was forcefully kissed on the lips by the heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev has announced that she is taking legal action against the Bulgarian.Vegas Sports Daily reporter Jenny Sushe real name Jennifer Ravalo has also alleged Pulev ‘grabbed both of her buttocks’ once their post-fight interview had concluded. Pulev was interviewed by Ravalo after his knockout victory over Bogdan Dinu in Las Vegas on Saturday evening. At the end of the interview, Ravalo asked Pulev if he deserved a shot at the lineal champion Tyson Fury, to which he responded “Yes” before forcibly kissing Ravalo on the lips and walking off camera.Ravalo was later asked about the incident on Twitter and said it was “embarrassing” and “strange”. Pulev however refused to apologise. “The reporter, Jenny, is actually a friend of mine, and after the interview, I was so elated, I gave her a kiss,” he said. “Later that night, she joined me and my other friends at my post-fight celebration.” However, on Thursday Ravalo called a press conference during which she announced she had hired powerful attorney Gloria Allred, who has been involved in a string of high profile sexual assault cases, while also accusing the Bulgarian of further inappropriate behaviour.“On March 22 I met Kubrat Pulev for the first time ever. I was there for the weigh-in. I asked him if we could do an interview for Vegas Sports Daily. He said yes. We then did a pre-fight interview,” she said. “On the next day, March 23, after the fight between Kubrat and Bogdan Dinu, I asked Kubrat for a post-fight interview. He said yes. I started the interview. Mid-interview, he grabbed my face and kissed me. I was immediately shocked and embarrassed and did not know how to respond. Next, I walked to a table to put some items in my backpack. He grabbed both of my buttocks and squeezed with both of his hands. Then, he walked away without saying anything to me, and laughed.“It made me feel uncomfortable and frustrated that Pulev would treat me in such an unprofessional manner. I did not consent or encourage to Mr Pulev grabbing my face, kissing me, or grabbing my backside. Kissing a woman on her lips without her consent, and grabbing her, is not acceptable. Later that night a friend invited me to an afterparty. There was an opportunity to interview more fighters and so I decided to go. Mr Pulev did not join until the very end of the night. He acted like nothing happened, but at the end of the party, he asked me to remove the kiss from the interview. I did not remove it, but I posted it, because I wanted people to see what he had done to me. I wanted him to be accountable. I did not want him to get away with it. What he did to me was disgusting. I felt humiliated and no woman should be treated this way. Mr Pulev and I were not friends, and were not in a romantic relationship. He had no right to kiss me. I contacted Gloria Allred because I felt she could help impose consequences on Mr Pulev for what he did to me.”Photo Credit: Getty

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