Jenny Sushe Lied? Reporter Gives Lap Dance To Kubrat Pulev Team At After Party

A devastating new video has emerged that allegedly shows female reporter Jenny Sushe attending an after-party with Kubrat Pulev after he “forcefully kissed” and “groped her on the buttocks”.The journalist is taking legal action against the boxer after he planted one on her mouth at the end of a post-fight interview following his victory over Bogan Dinu. But Sushe, real name Jennifer Ravalo, claims she only met the 37-year-old earlier that day and that he asked for the unsavoury snog to be left out of the clip.The boxer’s team have now released a video that is said to have been shot at 3am at an after party for Pulev’s fight last weekend that shows the journalist giving a lap dance mere feet away from Pulev. A photo of the group from another angle, which was taken from the side Pulev was sitting, was also posted of the Vegas Sports Daily journalist posing for pictures.The post was captioned: “If a woman is sexually assaulted or threatened in any way, by someone in the company, she probably wouldn’t stay all night until 6:00 am. She wouldn’t sit on the lap of the different men she is in the company of.” Pulev was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) over the matter and the veteran star has been summoned to explain his actions on May 14.However defiant Pulev defended his post-fight antics: “You may have seen a clip of me kissing a female reporter following an interview after I won my fight Saturday night. The reporter, Jenny, is actually a friend of mine, and after the interview, I was so elated, I gave her a kiss. Later that night, she joined me and my other friends at my post-fight celebration. On the video, after our kiss, we both laughed about it and thanked each other. There really is nothing more to this.”In a clip which went viral, Ravalo, AKA Sushe, asks a bloodied Pulev whether he deserves a shot at Tyson Fury after knocking out Dinu in the seventh round. The IBF’s No1 heavyweight contender replied “yes” before putting his hand on the reporter’s chin and kissing her on the lips. The unsuspecting interviewer awkwardly laughed it off but later called the incident “(a little) embarrassing” and “strange”. The CSAC then announced the decision to withhold his licence over his actions, branding his behaviour “disgusting, unwelcome and unlawful”.Sushe said: “I asked Kubrat for a post-fight interview and he said yes. I started the interview and mid-interview he grabbed my face and kissed me. I was immediately shocked and embarrassed and I did not know how to respond. Next I walked to a table to put my items in my backpack. He grabbed both of my buttocks and squeezed with both of his hands, then he walked away without saying anything to me and laughed.”Photo Credit: Getty

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