Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Hitting 20m Followers On Instagram Within 4 Weeks

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston has hit just over 20 million followers onĀ  Instagram in just a month of joining the platform.

The ‘Friends’ sitcom superstar actress literally broke Instagram when she joined the social media platform in October as fans trooped her handle to follow her. Jennifer Aniston probably broke the Instagram record of the highest amount of followers amassed in 1 day. Jennifer Aniston amassed over 7.8 million followers.

Her followership has steadily grown since then and she has now reached 20 million in four weeks.

She thanked her followers for this, writing: “20 million followers? That’s a lot of thank you notes! THANK YOU, GUYS.” Jennifer Aniston BVreaks Guiness World Record, Garners Over 11m IG Followers In 2 DaysPhoto Credit: Getty


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