I Never Had A Mother’s Love – James Brown Shares Touching Birth Story As He Turns A Year Older Today

Crossdresser James Brown is a year older today and to celebrate this milestone the internet sensation took to his Instagram page to share his touching birth story on how he was born.

The Instagram celebrity explained that his mother’s sister wanted her to abort him as he was unplanned. He said they tried all they could to terminate him but he was kept because they got a message from a prophet that his mother would die if she attempts an abortion. He shared that he never received any form of motherly love or affection from her as she never breastfed him while growing up.

James mentioned that the birth story that he knows today was told to him by his grandmother who raised him. He mentioned that his birth story is proof that he is no ordinary kid but a princess. He mentioned that he shared his birth story to motivate fans to keep believing in themselves.
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Photo Credit: Instagram

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