‘It’s Not You, It’s Your Uterus’…TV Presenter, 48, Dumped By Her Toyboy For Being Old And Unable To Have Kids

A TV presenter has revealed the “agonising” way she was dumped by a younger ex boyfriend because she couldn’t have kids.Sami Lukis, 48, described the break-up from the man 10 years her junior as the “most brutal rejection” of her dating life, and now has vowed to quit being a cougar for good. Writing for Whimn the Aussie TV personality said: “‘It’s not you. It’s your uterus.’ That’s how he dumped me. Maybe those weren’t his exact words. I think he said something along the lines of, ‘I’m just not ready to give up on the possibility of one day having kids with my partner’.” Sami said she dealt with the “agonising heartbreak” of her infertility years ago, after struggling to conceive naturally. She said: “I had to face the reality that pregnancy wasn’t going to be in my future. I thought I’d made peace with it and moved on.“But when the guy dumped me because I couldn’t give him a child (he literally gave me no other reason), the pain hit me all over again. Twice as hard. I felt like a failure. Like I wasn’t ‘woman’ enough for him.” For a decade, Sami dated younger men – but now she’s sworn off them for good. She was shocked when her former beau dumped her after a few months, breaking her heart, despite knowing she couldn’t conceive when they started dating. Penning her open letter to singer Kylie Minogue, 50, Sami warned: “If you’re going to date a younger man, just know that your fertility might turn out to be the crucial deal breaker for him. And please have the ‘do you want kids?’ chat before you allow yourself to fall in love.”Photo Credit: Getty


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