It Is Better To Lose Power And Gain Honour – Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria’s former Head Of State, President Goodluck Jonathan in a post on his page has dropped a deep-reaching quote where he said: “it is better to lose power and gain honour”.Goodluck Jonathan

The former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan made this quote of recommendation and philosophical statement to leaders in Africa and across the world facing ‘challenging situations at the polls’

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan wrote,

“Nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any citizen. It is better to gain honour at the cost of losing power than to gain power at the cost of losing honour.
“At any point in time, the power of love should matter more than the love of power.
“This is my philosophy. I have lived it. It has brought great peace to both my beloved nation and I. And I recommend it to all leaders facing challenging situations, either in government, or at the polls, or even in their dealings with fellow political actors.”

You Can't Know People Until You Give Them Political Offices - Goodluck JonathanEx-President Goodluck Jonathan who in 2015 sought re-election on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party while still in power but lost to the All Progressive Congress’ candidate and the current President of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari.

Although it is unseen which of the world ‘leaders’ the former President is referring to with his quote, though he is making his statement at a time the United States is in the process of electing a new President set to lead the country for the next 4-years. And the incumbent U.S President, Donald Trump seems set to lose to the Democrat candidate Joe Biden currently leading at the polls and with the electoral college votes tilting in Biden’s favour.

Donald Trump has alleged of electoral fraud in the voting process and threatening to go to the Supreme Court if he loses

Also, their election-related violence currently taking place in Uganda.

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