It’s A Blessing And A Curse That Nigerians Are Resilient – Beverly Naya

Nollywood actress Beverly Naya has reacted to the ability of Nigerians to survive and thrive in the most uncomfortable situation. The TV star shared this while speaking on the current state of the country.

Beverly NayaShe explained that over the last few days Nigerians have lived through fuel scarcity, National power outages, and insecurity. The stunning beauty explained that yesterday was tough for Nigerians but today she’s seen everyone live through it acting like it’s another normal day. Beverly explained that she cannot explain why Nigerians are this resilient as a people but sometimes she sees them as a blessing and also as a curse.
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Several celebrities have also taken to social media to lash out about the failing state of the country noting that money cannot save anyone from a failing system or a nation falling apart.
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