Kanye West Talks About T.I’s Hymen Check on Daughter, Says It Is Godly

Kanye West has reacted to the controversial statement made by T.I on his daughter’s virginity, noting that it is a godly thing to do.
The born again rapper gave his reaction at the one-year anniversary of his Sunday Services at Union Rescue Mission. Kanye, after noting that he is not telling anyone how to live their life or what to do stated that he is only expressing what he’s been through.Kanye West Talks About T.I's Hymen Check on Daughter, Says It Is Godly
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I ain’t tellin nobody what to do, I’m expressing what I’ve been through. Cause you know people love to take a soundbite and say, ‘This was not exactly devil-approved by the internet’. They tryna play T.I., but he’s talking about something that’s God-approved“, he said. Photos Credit: Getty
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