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Detained ‘Isese’ Religion Practitioner, Tani Olohun Writes Apology Letter, Begs Muslims, Ilorin ‘Sons And Daughters’ For Forgiveness (Photo)

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Adegbola Abdulazeez, an Isese (indigenous religion) practitioner and activist, also known as Tani Olohun has tendered an apology to Muslims, Islamic clerics and the sons and daughters of Ilorin Emirate for his actions.

The letter of apology obtained by KOKO TV NG was written on Tani Olohun’s behalf by one of his lawyers, Muftau Olufela Olobi.

In the apology letter dated October 9, 2023, and addressed to the Association of Proud Sons and Daughters of Ilorin Emirate and the entire Muslim clerics and Muslim adherents worldwide, the lawyer claimed that his client had repented.

The letter reads in part: “That consequent upon the fact that we appeared as a counsel for Our client during the first day of his arraignment at the Chief Magistrate Court, llorin in suit No MCIA/699C/23 we are aware that ‘Our client’ was remanded in Federal Correctional Centre since 17th day of August 2023 till this present moment.

“That we are also aware that the case has generated a lot of campaigns of calumny and misrepresentation of facts from some faceless individuals against your good intentions for sanity, peace and decorum to prevail not only in florin but the entire country.

“That it is heartwarming and joyful that the aged biological mother of Our client (Alhaja Nafisat Adegbola) had despite her health challenges travelled from Ibadan to Ilorin to make a passionate appeal and tender an unreserved apology for herself (being the biological mother) and on behalf of ‘Our clients’.

“Furthermore, in furtherance of genuine intention, sobriety, clear, sincere and unequivocal apology of Our client he has formally mandated and instructed us to on his behalf write this letter of further personal apologise.

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“With humility, we are making our reliance for the basis of this our letter on the provisions of the noble Holy Quran on forgiveness by commending you to the following provisions.

“Quran chapter 2:175 (Suratul Al-Baqarah), Quran 3:135 (Suratul Al-Imran), Quran 4:106 (Suratul An-Nisah), Quran 5:9 (Suratul Al-Maidah) Quran 8:33(Suratul Al-Anfl) etc.”

“Conclusively, we on our part join Our client to tender an unreserved apology with the assurances that when Our client regains his freedom further steps will be taken by him to exhibit the fact that Our client has not only genuinely repented but has been purged of his encumbrances and totally remorseful,” the statement added.

The Kwara State Upper Area Court in Ilorin in September granted bail to Tani Olohun on the condition that he gets two sureties who will provide N5 million each and proof of landed properties in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

This came barely a week after a Chief Magistrate Court in the state refused Tani Olohun’s bail application in another matter, meaning that the Isese practitioner would remain in detention.

Also in September, Adedamola Solesi, a lawyer representing Tani Olohun said it was clear that his client would not get justice in Kwara State.

He said, “Tani Olohun cannot get justice in Ilorin. I have been able to feel the nerve of the police; they are unwilling to arrest these people when they harass us. I have been able to feel the nerves of the court. Both at the upper area court and the magistrate court. These people will continue to have their way even up to the court of appeal.

“They have a court of appeal here if you say you want to appeal. We are still at the lower court. We are not even yet at the High Court. If we continue on this path up to the court of appeal, our client (Tani Olohun) will continue to be in detention. In my years of practice, I challenge any lawyer in Nigeria to challenge me that what I am saying is not right.

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“I have never seen such a situation in my life. See, the law has moved from mere technicalities; slaughtering justice on mere technicalities.

“The criminal justice system in Nigeria has gotten to a situation whereby even when an accused person, a defendant that is alleged of committing an offence which is not a capital offence, which is not murder or offence that attracts death penalty or life imprisonment, even if he does not have a lawyer, he will be granted bail.

“I am saying to the whole world that the criminal justice system in Nigeria has evolved to the extent that a person alleged to have committed an act which is not a capital offence when he comes to court, when he is arraigned, when his plea has been taken in court and he has pleaded not guilty, whether or not he has a lawyer – especially magistrate court, a magistrate court is not a superior court of record – he can orally take his bail the very day he was arraigned.”

“From that session, they have been dragging us back. Personally, what I thought was that they just want to keep him for some time before he gets the bail not knowing that they don’t have the intention however to release him,” he added.

Tani Olorun was remanded in prison for allegedly planning to “start a war” in Ilorin city, the Kwara State capital, by “inviting other traditional and idol worshippers to assemble in Ilorin on the 20th of August, 2023”.

He was also accused of burning the Quran and insulting some Islamic clerics.

Tani Olohun’s alleged actions came after some Muslim clerics in Ilorin earlier were caught on camera threatening to stone some Isese worshippers performing rites at a river in the Oko Lowo area of the state.

The Muslim clerics threatened to stone the indigenous religion practitioners including their priestess.

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