Lesbianism Is Wrong And Unlawful On Every Count – Juliana Olayode

Actress, Juliana Olayode has shared her  views on same sex relationships, with special focus on lesbianism and what it entails.

Juliana OlayodeAccording to her, the sexual orientation is ungodly and unlawful; a defiance of the natural order set by the creator.

Popularly referred to as Toyo Baby, she shared her experience of when a lesbian she met at an event, gave her her number and tried to woo her into a sexual relationship.

Although the actress noted in the caption that she was not out to judge anyone, she stated that lesbianism is wrong and unlawful on all counts.

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She wrote, “I do not condemn anybody ooo and I do not judge anybody.
A lot of people are on the fence on this matter, the truth that I know about this is that God is against it and so am I!!!!!!”

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