IPOB Remembrance Day: Nobody Should Incite Violence – Etinosa

Nigerian Instagram comedienne and actress Etinosa Idemudia has called out Twitter influencer Dr Olufunmilayo as he shared some historical statements for the IPOB Remembrance Day.
Recall that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu had ordered total lockdown in the South East, in Lagos, Abuja and the North, declaring today 31st May a day to remember and honour the past heroes and heroines.
While this order saw a great compliance, Etinosa idemudia, however, opined that no one should stir or incite violence on the day. Sharing a screenshot of Dr Olufunmilayo’s tweet on her Instagram story, Etinosa asked of what use is repeating the statement. “Why share the repeatedly”, she captioned the screenshot.
In some other Instagram stories, which she has deleted at the time of this report, however, as trolls are beginning to drag her, Etinosa wrote, “Shout out to the fallen heroes But no one should use this to manipulate and incite hate and violence. Sharing things like this only breeds hatred for one generation to another”.
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“What’s the point of continuously holding on the pain and betrayal of many years ago? Take heart and Iet’s move on. This is the same thing you will tell your brother or sister who has been badly hurt by their partner. We need to heal as a people and move forward. No one moves forward by looking behind. I don’t agree with the manipulative saying the a child who doesn’t know history has no future. Especially when the history is some toxic vendetta inciting narrative pushed from one generation to the other, like they do slave trade history. My question is how has holding on to this and shoring aggressively helped us in any way”. She then went further in another story, coming for Doctor Olufunmilayo, saying he can’t be chilling abroad and be inciting violence in Nigeria. Stating that though, she has no solution to the world’s problem, Etinosa Idemudia stated that she knows it can never be hatred, violence, division, tribalism and strife.
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“You are Very influential use your Influence positively Please. You enn’tbe chilling abroad and inciting violence in NG. Notnice. I don’t have the soluO to tre world’s problem know it can never be tribalism, division, ce and strife. Let byalp be by gone maybe? tYfIH let’s put our heads together for a better Nigeria.. Nigeria has failed a lot of us if not all but… hmmmm it is well”, she wrote in the also deleted story.See how social media users roasted her below:
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