International Artistes Like Me Are Getting Paid Steady – Yemi Alade Brags Amidst Lockdown

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An usually rare part of singer Yemi Alade has been unleashed on the streets of Twitter as she engaged in words fight with some tweeps, leading her to brag about being international and never-to-be-broke.
A tweep had called the singer jobless after she disclosed in a tweet how lockdown had made her live in her home after several years.International Artistes Like Me Are Getting Paid Steady - Yemi Alade Brags Amidst Lockdown
According to her, she had spent more time in airports and airplanes and though, she misses being on stage, she is thankful to be at home. “Mehn, I’m just realising that even though I have always had a house ,I only just started to LIVE in it and call it home. I spent more time at airports and in Airplanes. Even though I truly miss spending time on stage, it feels good to be at home( in a way) and I’m thankful.“, she tweeted.
Reacting, @honourable_desm noted that quarantine and lockdown have humbled all the celebrities, asking if the singer realises she is also jobless. “Quarantine and self isolation has humbled all our celebrities. Did you also realise that you are jobless?”, he tweeted.
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This got Yemi Alade to brag about her making doe even amidst the lockdown, advising the troll to get a job as he is the one who truly needs it. “No vex but “truly international” artists like us are steady getting paid thousands of foreign currency in royalties monthly and quarterly . I think you are the one in need of a job .sorry there is no vacancy here sha”, she fired back.
Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade blasts tweep, brags about being international and getting paid steadily, even with Coronavirus lockdown
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