Monday, May 23, 2022

That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Inexpensive Gifts That Will Sweep Your Girl Off Her Feet

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Davido literally created a new relationship height few weeks ago, when he splashed nothing less than N45 million on a car for his girl, Chioma.
Thousands of Nigerian ladies automatically adopted the opinion that their guy must be ready to splash his cash on her in a bid to reveal how deeply he really loves her. Well unknown to the ladies, there are few extremely good gifts that sweep them (the ladies) off their feet, without necessarily being audaciously expensive. They are:

1. A Romantic Getaway: Yes. A cheap romantic getaway. Most Nigerian guys have ignored this extremely good card severally, due to the fact that we automatically assume that all forms of romantic getaways are expensive. A quick glance through the price list of some of Nigeria’s romantic hotel and resorts will easily convince you that you have missed this opportunity long enough.

2. A Romantic “kitchen project”: Despite your not-so-good cooking skills, you can still make a romantic kitchen project with your girl, that will always seal a spot for you in her heart, even when you are no longer together. You can make “love-shaped” home-made chocolates if you are the candy type of person, if you are not, you can easily opt for a love shaped cake.

3. Breakfast In Bed: Naija guys are yet to tap into the unlimited sea of benefits this stunt has to offer. It literally cost nothing more than you already have and yet, it will win your girl’s soul for you in a manner that cannot be possibly described.

4. Environmental Decoration: This plan requires little or no money. It is all about knowing your girl and the usual spot she looks at. All you need to do is to identify a certain spot that you can be 100% sure she is going to look at before walking out of the door. You can scribble a love note to her there or you can opt for a poem. Its all about leaving a heartwarming note there to assure her that she is always in your mind.

5. Historical Scenes: A historical scene in your relationship is a spot where your relationship moved on to some sort of elevated height. It could be where you met her, where you asked her out, or where she said yes to you. You can take a walk with her through these historical spot(s), while reminding her of the how your romance moved on to the stage it is now.

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