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Monday, May 27, 2024

Indian Father Give His Daughter To His Friends To Gang Rape Her…And He Joins Them In The Act

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An Indian man ‘gifted’ his daughter to two friends and joined them in locking her in a house and taking turns to rape her for 18 hours. The man in his late 50s took the 35-year-old woman to a fair in Kamlapur on Sunday where they met his friend Maan Singh, police said.They convinced her to ride on the back of a bike to the house of another friend, Meraj, in Lucknow where the father handed over his daughter to them. For the next 18 hours she was locked inside while the two men and her father gang raped her until she escape on Monday night to her mother’s house. The woman relayed the shocking tale to her mother who immediately called the police who issued arrest warrants for the three rapists.Meraj, a fake doctor with no medical licence, was arrested but Singh and the woman’s father were still on the run. The woman was married for 16 years but had a falling out with her husband and moved back in with her mother. Her father was in November banished from their village amid accusations of an incestuous relationship with his daughter. ‘A panchayat was called and the father was arrested. He got bail in February this year,’ local police said.

She then lived alone with her 14-year-old child.Photo Credit: Getty

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