Include My Wife’s Marital Surname In All Her Movies – Anita Joseph’s Husband Warns Nollywood

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MC Fish the husband of Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has warned Nollywood producers and filmmakers to always ensure that they include his wife’s surname ‘Olagunju’ in their end credit. The TV star took to his social media page to rant about the issue while watching one of her movies.

Anita Joseph and husband MC FishHe explained that his wife has been married for over a year and filmmakers always omit his wife’s surname as a married woman. He stated that this will be the last time he will address the issue. His wife Anita who was present in the room shared that the name Olagunju will be too long but he insisted that he must be included because it is now a part of her identity. He stated that this should be heeded to before he starts “calling people out”.
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