Thursday, February 9, 2023

5 Reasons It Is Important To Be Sensitive To Your Teens’ Emotions

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It has s been a whole month of disappearance, wow, a whole month of suspending our diary. I sincerely apologise dear Teens and parents as well, and promise now that we are back, it is for infinity.
The last time we discussed, it was about our parents on the key to their teens’ heart – sensitivity – and I remember I promised to tell why it is necessary to pay attention to teens’ emotions and relate with them in accordance. Let’s just pick it up from there and continue, I believe I am forgiven for the French leave.
I saw a series today on YouTube Fancy Teens – which I recommend every parent to see – and it brings my mind back to our discussion on the 5 Honest Discussions Parents Should Have With Their Teens, and the topic for today. All I saw in the movie is all I have been witnessing and more, the more especially from the teenagers’ part. Then I came to realize how important it is for parents to understand the emotions and situations of their teens, hold discussions with them and make them comfortable to speak their minds. Well, here are why!
1. You are supposed to: first off, you birthed these children and till they become adults and even beyond, you are responsible for them. When they were babies, they couldn’t talk yet you knew what was wrong with them and attend to them accordingly. Teenage is more delicate as babyhood because then too, they have many things wrong but they may not say. Your sensitivity is what makes you know something is wrong and then you handle it.
2. They have a lot to share: having being a teenager myself, I have come to realize that there are a lot of things teenagers go through that  they most of the times do not share, for fear of their parents reaction, being shutdown, bullied or many other reasons. They tend to bottle up so many things, with the hope that they are now big’uns and can take care of themselves which in most cases, is not true. A parent who doesn’t not pay attention to their emotions and relate with them nicely will not have such information until things go out of hand and there is so much blame to throw around. Fancy Teens gave an insight into a lot of that. To have them share, you need a lot of understanding and connection to their emotions.
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3. If you do not, the streets will help you: Yorubas usually say a child not trained at home will be trained from outside. The world is so vast right now that people get information and education on the go. If your teenager doesn’t feel so free to share what is wrong with them with you or you do not have time to be sensitive to them, trust me, there are a thousand and one friends, peers and individual in whom they will find comfort in, many of whom may not be teaching them the right things. So you see, the importance of you being in your teens’ emotions and life.
4. The stage they are in is delicate: I always hammer on the fact that the teenage is one of self-discovery and decisions making and taking and what teenagers give themselves into most times have a long lasting consequence on their adulthood. The stage is delicate and at such, they need all the guide and emotional grooming and support they can get. A lot of things they go through has to do with their emotions and perception of themselves, things and life generally so it is important to give them the support they need in shaping their perceptions rightly.
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5. They need it
, not less. Teenagers need parents’ guidance, advice, understanding, and most importantly, time and attention. When you don’t make the time and devote the energy to maintaining the connection you had with them when they were small, your relationship with them becomes strained, your interactions get tense and the whole family seems like it is losing a soul.
With these – and the recommended series Fancy Teens, I hope to talk to our parents in the future, next week power teens, we talk to and about us on another interesting topic. I promise no more suspension. See you, next Tuesday.Photos Credit: Getty
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