Sunday, February 5, 2023

COVIK19: Imam Of Peace Attacks Buhari, Says He’s A National Embarrassment

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An Iranian muslim influencer and reformist Mohammad Tawhidi popularly known as Imam of peace has called out President Buhari on social media, saying the President of the Giant of Africa is a national embarrasment.
Imam of Peace took to Twitter to share a series of tweets, dragging the President for his inability to pronounce COVID-19 properly, the plague, which according to him, is killing a lot of people rapidly.Imam Of Peace Attacks Buhari, Says He's A National Embarrassment
“The President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari still doesn’t know the name of the virus killing 24,000+ at such a rapid rate. Addressing the nation about it for the first time, he pronounced the virus as ‘CIVIK 1-9’. His friend, Imran Khan, thinks Japan and Germany share a border”, he first tweeted, followed by a series other tweet.
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This has prompted a controversy on the microblogging site, forcing Nigerians to either take sides with him or with President Buhari. Those of the latter class blasted him for abusing and hurling insults upon our dear President, while the former appreciated him for speaking the minds of Nigerians.  
Imam Of Peace Attacks Buhari, Says He’s A National Embarrassment
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