I’m Not Quitting My Career For Marriage – Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau
Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau has queried why many think women should quit their careers just because they want to get married, hinting that she will not do that.
Following the bashing and the many other events that played out after she shared pictures of her donning a backless dress, Rahama Sadau connected with her fans in a question and answer session tagged #AskRahama, where she got to answer questions about marriage, career and many other things.
One of the questions she was asked was if she would be quitting her career in Kannywood to start a home. “#AskRahama Are you ready to quit film making for marriage? @Rahma_sadau“, the tweep asked.
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Replying, Rahama Sadau said, “Why quit filmmaking for marriage? Is filmmaking not an occupation? Why is it okay to have women in different areas of organization but not in filmmaking ? Media for example.” See some more questions and the answers she gave.
Rahama Sadau
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