I’m Not A Broke Alcoholic…I’m The Only Surviving Nigerian Music Legend – Majek Fashek

Legendary Reggae musician, Majek Fashek, has dismissed reports that he is bankrupt and undergoing rehabilitation for alcoholism.

Earlier, on Monday, the singer reportedly visited Chris Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM) in Lagos for prayers over a failed rehabilitation attempt. But, speaking in an interview in Lagos on Monday, the ‘Rainmaker’ maintained that he was not bankrupt or battling drug addiction.

“As you can see I am very okay and sound. I know the alcoholism reports are the works of my detractors. As we all know, I am the only surviving Nigerian music legend. I am the last man standing. How can they say they I am in rehab when I just returned from a music tour in Capetown and the United States?”

When asked him if he had any regrets in his career, the 70-year-old musician said, he has lived a fulfilled life thus far. “I am a producer and an ‘arranger’ of music. I can’t compete with these young boys (Nigerian musicians). I can only compete with American legends/superstars because I am a legend. I once produced 2baba, The Mandators, Evi Edna Ogholi, and the late Ras Kimono. So I would be belittling myself if I ever compete with all these young boys.” In 2015, it was revealed that Majek was bankrupt and battling drug addiction. After admitting that he needed help at the time, he was admitted into a drug rehabilitation centre in Abuja.

When asked him if he ever underwent rehabilitation for drugs, the singer said it was a fake report. ”I relocated my wife to the U.S. where she now runs a thriving restaurant in New York. I recently returned from a working trip to Capetown where I met the Mayor. I also met some music distributors who showed me buildings they built with proceeds gotten from the sale of my 1988 hit, ‘Free Mandela.’ Right now, I am building a club in Lagos where young musicians can benefit. How can I be broke? I have been busy and I will be shooting a video of my remix of ‘Holy Spirit’ featuring 2baba very soon.’’ The singer, who played a supporting role in the 2000 Nollywood movie ‘Mark of the Beast’ then revealed that he is billed to perform alongside Busta Ryhmes at a tour scheduled to hold in Dubai later in the year.

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