I’ll Be With Grandkids Before He Gets Out – Leo Shades Hushpuppi

Leo Dasilva and Hushpuppi
BBNaija reality star Leo Dasilva has mocked embattled Nigerian big boy Ray Hushpuppi as he’s been named in another scandal while going through multiple fraud-related charges.
The United States Department of Justice released fresh facts, alleging that the socialite whose real name is Ramoni Abass is involved in a North Korean-perpetrated cyber-enabled heist from a Maltese bank in February 2019.
Taking to Twitter to react, Leo Dasilva wondered how Hushpuppi could be involved in such fraud with North Koreans and still be living large and carelessly as he did on social media. He then said he would be with grandkids before Hushpuppi can ever get out if those charges stick.
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“It’s hilarious how you will be laundering money for North Koreans and still be living lavish for the gram. I now see why they did all they can to get him from Dubai. If those charges stick, I will be with grandkids before he gets out”, he tweeted. Photos Credit:Getty

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