Iggy Azalea Leaks X-rated Private Messages From Celebrities Begging For Her Attention

Rapper Iggy Azalea has revealed the desperate DMs she gets from celebrities who go as far as offering $15,000 just for her to speak to him. The hip-hop star posted a TikTok video Monday with screenshots of numerous Instagram private messages she has received online, which include crude sexual suggestions and even marriage proposals.

Iggy Azalea leaks X-rated Private Messages From Celebrities Begging For Her AttentionThe rapper blurred out the names when she shared them on social media but they all came from people with millions of followers and blue ticks, well-known public figures. In one of the messages, she shared the person had asked if he could lick her butt hole, mystery accounts offered to marry the star and some asked if she wanted a role play. Iggy noted that her DM is pretty ugly with a lot of nasty messages and warned the nasty’s to stay out of her DM.

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