IG Users Slam TBoss For Saying She ‘Spoke Her Baby Into Existence’

BBNaija 2017 star TBoss seems to have crossed the line with her followers as they dragged her seriously for her statement about her baby.
According to the mother of one, she had spoken her baby into existence and God sealed her request. She took to Instagram to note in a post that she has now deleted that she didn’t know how it was going to happen but she requested of her daughter and she came forth.
I spoke my daughter into existence. I didn’t know when she would come but I trusted God’s timing and today, I hold my own beautiful girl in my arms whilst she kisses my face. Ain’t God the greatest? There’s truly power in the tongue“, she wrote.
This then sparked the red light in her followers’ head as they reminded her that speaking does not lead to pregnancy but sexual intercourse. Others also reminded her of the obvious fact that she is not married to the father of her baby.
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Being a drama queen herself, TBoss took out time to reply her trolls one after the other, shading them in return. See the drama below: Photos Credit: Instagram

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