If A Man Cheats, He Doesn’t Respect You… This Is Not About Satan – Toni Tones

Toni Tone
Toni Tone, a writer and the host of BBC 1Xtra’s ‘Money Moves’ podcast has looked at infidelity from an angle opposite to religious beliefs and sayings which usually blame Satan or the enemy for wanting to disrupt the relationship.
In an Instagram post, the The writer and social content creator best known for her inspiring and thought-provoking statements said a cheating spouse simply has no respect for their partner.
Toni Tone further added that God is not using a cheating situation to challenge any woman neither is it a test that every woman must go through or endure. Shedding more light, she added that any man who attempts to convince a woman that infidelity is an spiritual challenge in their marriage is only using religion to manipulate her into accepting less than she deserves.
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“Personal opinion but… If a man cheats, it’s not “the enemy” trying to disrupt your relationship. Or God setting you a challenge as a woman. It’s not some spiritual rite of passage you must endure. It’s not Satan testing your commitment to your partner. That man doesn’t respect you. Simple as. The cause and the reason for your sadness, is him and him alone. And any man who attempts to convince you that his infidelity is a spiritual “challenge” God has bestowed on to you as a couple, is using religion to manipulate you into accepting less than what you deserve”, her picture text reads.
In her caption, Toni Tones then went further to note that narcissistic and emotionally abuse men who are with God fearing women does this the most rather than just own up to their mess.  “Seen a lot of interesting discussions on social media this week, and I just wanna throw this out there. Narcissistic / emotionally abusive men who are with God fearing women will often suggest their indiscretions are part of a “test” or some spiritual journey their partner needs to embark on, because they don’t want her to go anywhere”, she wrote.
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“My thing is this…. People mess up. Nobody’s perfect. But if you mess up just say you messed up without suggesting there’s some elaborate Godly power at play. Bringing God into your inability to respect your partner is very manipulative if you ask me! Don’t try to use God as a pawn. Don’t try to guilt trip your partner into forgiving you by bringing religion into it. Don’t talk about yourself in third person when attempting to take accountability either. Take accountability for YOUR actions by keeping the discussion about you
“, she added.

Toni Tone says erring partners should rather own up than manipulate with religion


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